Children are very precious to God, as the Bible tells us in Mark 10:16 – “He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them”. It is important that from an early age, our children are instilled with the Godly values they need to live a righteous life.

The Potter’s Children’s Ministry takes the nurturing and spiritual development of our children as a matter of great importance. In light of that, our teachers are committed to equipping the children with sound biblical resources for their spiritual growth. As a Bible-based church, we strive to ensure that the children under our care not only know the scriptures, but understand them as well. We take time to teach them necessary and relevant scriptures backed with relatable and practical lessons.

The Children’s Ministry is broken down into various age groups: the under 5’s, the 6-9 age group, the 9-12 age group, and the teens. As a church we hold the Great Commission in the highest regard and as such, we also teach and encourage our children to share the Gospel whenever and wherever they can.