Walking in the Covenant Blessing

Walking in the Covenant Blessing of God is a process. When God wants to bless a man, he takes him through three specific stages to develop him into a person that He can trust to carry and keep His covenant.


Exodus 13:3-6, Numbers 9:1-6, Joshua 5:10, John 14:30, Proverbs 22:10
As illustrated in Exodus 13, the first stage of this process is deliverance from bondage into freedom. As the children of Israel were lead by Moses out of slavery, God also used Jesus Christ to free us from the bondage of sin. The key to staying humble in your walk with God is to remember the day you came out of bondage.
After deliverance into freedom, God sends us into the wilderness for us to be pruned, tested, broken and developed. You can never graduate to the next stage until you have passed the test. In the wilderness, God expects us to keep His ordinances and principles. This includes staying committed to the Church, making time for prayer and consistently studying His Word. Stubbornness will keep you in the wilderness longer than necessary. The only way to pass through the wilderness successfully is by obedience.
Finally, after wandering in the wilderness, God will lead you to occupy whatever He has promised you. Even in the final stage of occupation, the children of Israel were still keeping their Passover covenant as instructed when they had been delivered. As Christians, we must do well to stay committed to God and the church, even after He blesses us.
God is looking for people He can trust. As we submit to walk in this process with God, we will surely reap the harvest of His covenant blessing.

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